I'm not here

out stalking artists....but i'll drop my drawings here...

heeeey forgot to mention, I’m going to be at Fanexpo Vancouver this weekend with Chloe and Euge at table A7! Come say hi! We’re probably gonna be hiding behind our prints.

I wanted to paint portraits, so ya….

i need to relearn….everything

it’s even sadder how neither of us are enjoying each other’s pasta….



pins are coming~

over all, i’m only happy with how Harley turned out…

i’m so art blocked but i mustn’t stop drawing so i did colour study

from ref


Red from Transistor

I can’t wait for the game to come out!~~ ahhhh

"i’m dancing~ and singing~ innn the rainnnn~"

warm up and playing around with new brushes

ahahaha it got out of hands


"shhhhhh, let me show you HOW - IT’S - DONE!"

"trouble, trouble, trouble"

i spent way too much time on this than i wanted. and i got lazy with the orbs….

i did an hourly, my days r usually not exciting so….

I finally got the book in my hands and every bits of the book is sooooo worth it. It’s so beautiful! @A@ and look! Artist names underneath each artwork! Ahhhhhhh


Global Game Jam (Vancouver) 2014 - Officially Done

It’s been an amazing 48 hours, and we’re happy to show you our game - In Plain Sight

Works for both PC and Mac!
Check out the revised instructions before diving in, and definitely keep updated with us as we’re going to improve this game in the near future :]

get a friend (or foe) and start hunting imeanplaying. download link is at the bottom of the page.

Vancouver Global Game Jam 2014

concepts for our game

moving on to other stuffs now