I'm not here

out stalking artists....but i'll drop my drawings here...

2nd batch of inktober sketches

First 7 days of inktober. Updates can be found on my Instagram

AHH! AHH! AHH! IT’S HERRRREE! Ctk’s books are here! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

#ink #sketch

Chloe and her baby. Also, I got Instagram! #sketch #am I doing this right?


for this year’s Hot One Inch Action show.

Trying out something new. Hopefully this year we can actually get into the gallery.

ha i’m no good at cropping….


Digital painting of Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite based off of Angela Bermúdez’s cosplay photo

the cosplay is so cool so i just had to draw her. sky-hook took me a long while ahhhh….

another screenshot



I’ve updated my storenvy and reopening it again! Still got some prints and other stuffs from this year’s conventions. Going to retire some prints so grab them while you can~

Some inkies and sketchies

Playing around with the iPad sketchpad and its mirror function

i’m liking the owl characer

I made a bepo based on aba’s drawings

I now have two bepo