I'm not here

out stalking artists....but i'll drop my drawings here...

another screenshot



I’ve updated my storenvy and reopening it again! Still got some prints and other stuffs from this year’s conventions. Going to retire some prints so grab them while you can~

Some inkies and sketchies

Playing around with the iPad sketchpad and its mirror function

i’m liking the owl characer

I made a bepo based on aba’s drawings

I now have two bepo

Euge got me this pen at summer fest, I shall make great artwork with this weapon tool.


i wanted to do Leyendecker studies but i dont’ think i’m doing it right…orz

how do man faces work………..

i finished the game.


the series of pictures of Red and the man in the blade at the end just…urgghhhh Q.Q they are so cute together ahhhhh!!!!!

AHHHHH THE GAME IS SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN’T EVEN! i like the gameplay too even though i suck at planning out my moves and losing all my attacks all the time.

i haven’t finish the game yet but right now i just want to draw Red and the transistor (the sword right? the dude in the sword. am i following the story right?). “let’s skip town” QAQ

some….things i drew during Fan fest….what have i done…

We’ll be selling at UBC again this year. I have got a couple new prints and some feltings.

Euge complains i dont draw her with enough sideburns so sideburns.

a field of goldfish plants